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The experience doctorate of Julie Filiatrault, founder and pioneer in the field of eco-education:

  • Mother of 4 extraordinary neurodiversified children.

  • Conferences, workshops, training and eco-educational courses &  alternative.  I have been offering these activities in Montreal and Saguenay among others for more than 10 years, most often on a voluntary basis, to all people wishing to permanently and deeply transform their approach to nature and their educational vision in a world in a climate crisis that urgently calls for to action.

  • Neuro Gym Tonic \ RMTI Trainings, Theory and practice of rhythmic movement training for the integration of primitive neurological reflexes: Level 1: Focus, Organization and understanding in children / Level 2: Emotions, Memory and Behaviors in children / Level 3: Reading and writing in children / Additional level: Facing fear,   Intensive Workshop with Moira Dempsey, Founder /  Additional Level: Connections Beyond My Brain

  • Obtaining the RMTI consultant certification

  • Consultant  Eco-educational  for Garderie Nature. Participate in the design and creation of premises and their layout, recruitment and continuous and ad hoc training of staff, lead team meetings, observe the environment and offer support and assistance with plans for interventions.

  • Teacher in the AEC Eco-education by Nature at Cégep de Rivière-Du-Loup for the course "MOI ET LA NATURE"

  • Approach Koala at the Freud Clinic in Montreal. Clinic consultations for children living with various learning and motor issues using the integration of primitive reflexes through movement (RMTI), yoga, mindfulness meditation and nature.

  • Builder of the Intensive Koala Program

  • Co-founder of "": platform for exchanging humanitarian credits for carbon sequestration through biochar. Be part of the founding team, communications and creation agent.

  • Campaign Agent for the Green Party

  • Founder of Mother Nature and of the new Sensitive Eco-educational Approach:  the first model of ecosystem and eco-cosmic education in the world

  • Teaching collaboration with Au Grand Air and Gabrielle Gagnon

  • Facilitator for the "Harmonie Nature 1" nature connection retreat in Hébertville with Au Grand Air

  • Eco-educational consultant for the organization "Êtres Vivants" located in Sorel.

  • Eco-educational consultant for the Jardin de Chloé, in Saint-Charles-de-Bourget

  • Eco-educational consultant for the Bilingual Preschool Center of Rimouski

  • Owner of the Green daycare then of the  Julie's garden, all of them  the first kindergartens in Quebec in nature and in the forest clearing the path of nature education in Canada.  They combined a strong pedagogical instinct with Scandinavian pedagogies in nature (Forest School type)  eco-pedagogy, mindfulness as well as the most recent neuroscientific discoveries. Multi-age environments that have welcomed several dozen children, many of whom have challenges (ASD, ADHD, anxiety, giftedness, hypersensitivity, etc.) and bringing for each of them grandiose results in terms of their motor and psycho-development. emotional among other things.  

  • Support by the City of Chicoutimi and the FEQ  and boutique of natural and ethical toys respecting the sensitive nature of children and their planet. For a long time, toys made of wood, wool or real metal  were proving difficult to find. This small online store has served hundreds of customers as far as Germany and even China to offer natural and fair alternatives to plastic toys.

  • Volunteer involvement for the organization "The eyes of the heart of Canada mutual aid group" helping orphan children in Cameroon.

  • Home teacher 5-14 years old according to innovative pedagogical models and deeply focused on nature. I taught my four children  at different times and school years with eco-pedagogy and Waldorf pedagogy among others, promoting the realization of direct experiences arousing pleasure and will as the first step in learning. They all stood out for their excellence on their return to school, both academically and behaviorally, but also and above all for a highly developed ethic and a deep connection to their peers, to the world and to nature.

  • Yoga Casa. Kripalu Yoga Teaching Training

  • Yoga and meditation teaching at Yoga Casa

  • Pegasus Institute. Long training "Waldorf pedagogy in the first septaine".

  • Neuro Gym Tonic, cheese  Brain Gym: Brain Gym 101, Brain Gym for preschool, Brain Gym for school

  • Coordination of the childhood component of the VIRAGE festival: Towards ecological transition. Development of key concepts for the youth section and creation of a range of eco-educational activity sheets for children of different ages and tailor-made for the event.

  • Co-founder of the non-profit organization "TrioLait" Breastfeeding support in Saguenay and breastfeeding sponsor.

  • TELUQ University. Studies in environment and climate change.

  • Long training Co-Naître with Ingrid Bayot. Rhythms  from the first months and natural approach to newborns and families

  • Manager of BUMMIS, an SME.  Managing the boutique, orders, clients and layout of a small business manufacturing and distributing cotton diapers and eco-friendly equipment for families.

  • Social work worker at Auberge Madeleine and Maison Esther. Organizations that come to the aid of women in difficulty and women victims of conjugal violence and their children.

  • Cégep du Vieux Montréal, Technical in Social Work.

  • Accompaniment of a family member  TSA for several years away from the beaten track with an approach focused on nature, movement and alternative care.

  • Continuous studies in a variety of fields (herbalism, energy approaches, quantum physics, neurosensory integration, psychology, meditation, mindfulness, climate, deep ecology, anarchism, social struggles, democracy, green solutions, know-how  manual, green building, permaculture, etc.)

  • Studies at the Herbothèque

  • In the course of Ayurvedic consultant / practitioner training at Espace Ayurvéda

  • Experiential childhood and free in nature


Credit  photos 3, 4 and 6 at Garderie Nature

Photos 1, 2 and 5 credit to Au Grand Air; Marie-Claire Gagnon

Photos 7 and 8: Julie's garden

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Formation à l'équipe de Garderie Nature 2019.jpg
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Le Jardin de Julie (2019_10_26 07_17_06 UTC).png
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