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To echo families, daycare services or childcare professionals who wish to put into action a nature project or naturalize their practices and make a difference for children, for the inhabitants of the Earth and for the future of humanity. Because there are only about 10 years left to change everything.

Les Guidances Écho is a holistic remote consultation service designed to provide an echo to your wishes! We know from experience that starting a nature education project is no easy task. If you have all kinds of questions about how to get there, or if you want to green an already existing educational project, we are here. We can also support you if you are already well advanced and want to learn more for growing children. It doesn't matter whether you want to improve or create your home school project or daycare by incorporating more nature, neuroscience or more movement into it, whether you are looking to be happier and to transmit that energy. positive and kind to the children you accompany, you are doing well and you are in the right place!

Imagine, coffee in hand, taking an hour with Mother Nature by video conference to discuss the implementation of nature and sensitive education in your home or setting. Where you are, exactly what you need, tailored to your needs, whether you are a beginner or advanced in the field. 

We target your goals and needs together, then you choose the number of sessions you want. We meet at the rate of once a week, once a month or once a season for an hour in Zoom and we dive together directly on what concerns you, what you want to improve, put in place, etc. in connection with the implementation of a nature educational approach for the children you support. 

Because everyone walks at their own pace, Echo Guidance also works very well in workplaces where each member of the team benefits from completely confidential support open to their individual needs. 

Popular service and limited places! 
Remember to book in advance!
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"The best guide for the child is the one who knows himself, the one who takes  his time before leading the child in one direction, or asking him a question. He knows he is not necessarily right and thinks about what he wants to convey.  Sometimes it seems almost invisible, giving the child the opportunity to unfold and discover for himself. In the same vein, it  does not impose authority but knows how to be heard  through a deep sensitive benevolence. His guidance is anchored in love with creativity, flexibility and simplicity, not with force ".

Julie filiatrault

Group of cute kids sitting together in forest and looking at camera. Cute children playing

The Sensitive Eco-educational Approach is the integral work of Julie Filiatrault and any use of the content of this site must respect the code of use of  copyright, thank you very much!

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