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A poster of Mother Nature that combines the off-piste vision of basic needs according to the spheres specific to the human and the child (environment, body, heart, head and soul) with reactions  as children  can manifest / express and holistic and sensitive solutions that adults can put in place to help them rebalance. Useful for accompanying children from 2 to 9 years old in particular, although the advice is useful for everyone, young and old.


A unique and effective approach based on Sensitive Eco-education, emotional attachment, internal security, ancestral practices, neuroscience and brain development, neuro-sensory needs and connection to nature. 


Print in 12 X 18 or larger format to keep the visual clear.


NOTE: The model shown in the photo is incomplete in order to protect the work. The poster you will receive is complete and very pretty!


The link for the download will be available upon receipt of payment directly during the transaction and in the confirmation email.

POSTER: I react, I need! To better understand the needs of children

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