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Mother Nature Posters

The posters  from Mother Nature represent an effective and pretty way of keeping benevolent practical information on certain concepts of Sensitive Eco-education within easy reach. They are created to inspire new educational practices that are in harmony with the real needs of children, others, the Earth and its inhabitants and even the Cosmos that shelters us, whether at home, in daycare or school.  

They are sometimes designed for children, other times for parents, educators or anyone accompanying children of all ages. Each poster will indicate more precisely who it is for and what it has to offer. They are all unique and each carry a deep message or a unique compendium of lessons that you will not find anywhere else.  


Information on files available for purchase:

- They are downloadable in order to reduce the ecological footprint, allowing you to print

  of  quality near you at a local print shop

- They are ready to be printed in color and in 12 X 18 or 18 X 24 format (the definition and size of the writing will not be optimal if you choose to print it in a smaller format)

- They can be consulted by adults or even children, making them practical educational and pedagogical tools without necessarily having to follow training

To learn more about the content, click on the item.

You receive the download link during the transaction and in the confirmation email.

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