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Cahier de plantes séchées


Here is a small evolving shop to visit often!


Our goal is the raison d'être of Mother Nature: TO CARE - RECONCILATE and REENCHANT the links that unites us all, and do it as quickly as possible in order to participate in the necessary and urgent paradigm shift if we want to

ensure a future for humanity and our children.  


Each terrestrial species should be able to be reassured that it will have its place in this emerging future, but at the rate of the 6th mass extinction in progress, it is 200 species per day which are extinct and the rate is likely to end. speed up (source: Greta Thunberg in "Cri du cœur"). The future  promises to be catastrophic if within 10 years, we do not radically change our way of life. This is our proposal: we offer you our  best inspirations and create tools accessible to all in order to take action today and really change the way we see and live and deeply nourish all those, children of the Earth, who will be the leaders, poets, engineers and inventors of tomorrow.


This little shop helps us to continue our mission. Your donations and purchases allow us to feed our children and to continue to develop content that will always inspire more people. Our wish is to reach all continents in the coming years and to make Sensitive Eco-education a global community.


You will therefore find in our sensitive little shop free products and other paid products that will be added throughout 2022, including:


- downloadable monthly guides anchored in the seasons 

- natural products brewed in our pots

- official publications

- tailor-made training

- schematic posters for use at home or in the workplace

- training programs

- subscriptions

- and more surprises to come!


May young and old alike live in harmony and in deep connection with oneself,

the others, the Earth and its inhabitants and the Cosmos!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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