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An avant-garde and holistic neural bootcamp anchored in  nature and neuroscience which wants to make a lasting difference for the child in difficulty. Nothing less.

The new Sensitive Eco-education Approach and nature pedagogy complement the neurological work of the primitive reflexes of the Koala Approach and support your child in order to maximize the benefits of his efforts and create a synergy of services and benefits before. guardian and literally unique in the world.


We believe that to help a child it is necessary to address his clan, his small village, and that an approach that does not take into account what the child experiences outside, in his living environment (family , daycare, school, community) is not complete. Because the needs of children in difficulty are complex, we believe that parents and caregivers of these children also need support and work together as much as possible. Our service is addressed to the child but also to the small clan around the child for a complete and holistic support.


This intensive 4-month program, unique in the world, includes:


- A preliminary questionnaire to be completed by the parents and by the educator, if necessary, twice: at the beginning and at the end of the program.


- A monthly consultation with a parent and child lasting 45 to 90 minutes in person (Montreal and surroundings or Saguenay) every month, if possible in person otherwise by videoconference according to certain criteria  OR an Echo Guidance  private and personalized (for professionals who do not have an assigned group, or who follow children occasionally or randomly.


- A monthly meeting without the child of 30 minutes by videoconference with the parent (s) and if possible the educator, the child's teacher (if applicable), without the child, at a time chosen by you in order to share information concerning the work of their child's reflexes and essential advice for his support and his progress. This is the time for parents and caregivers to ask their personal questions and receive support concerning the child's development, educational strategies, support, daycare or school needs or even movements. and the menu of work to be done at home and adaptable to daycare or school.  OR 30-minute coaching 2 weeks after the Echo Guidance to deepen the field application in your group or class (for professionals, teachers or educators).

- Various additional webinars with the best professionals in the field:

- With Julie Filiatrault, 4 group webinars of 100-120 minutes on a specialized educational theme related to neurology, child development and nature in order to support the neuronal work set up in the best way and;

- 1 special 2-hour group webinar focusing specifically on children's difficulties (symptoms and diagnoses) in light of the new Sensitive Eco-education and the neuroscience of primitive neurological reflexes and;

- 2 "Question-Answer" type webinars of 60 minutes entirely devoted to participants' questions regarding the application of rhythmic movements, keys and unique educational concepts taught through the webinars. Questions of eco-education by nature, children's difficulties, neuronal stimulation, primitive reflexes, education, daily routines, etc.

- 1 webinar with the renowned Dr. Freud, director of the Freud Clinic in Montreal, chiropractor specializing in functional neurology and teaching at the McGill Faculty of Medicine the precious subject of primitive reflexes and functional neurology.

- With Gabrielle Gagnon from "Au Grand Air", specialist in nature education and in-kind support for preschool and elementary-level groups.


And further:

- Innovative material to print that you can keep:

- A monthly and avant-garde work plan for work on reflexes

- EUCALYPTUS logbook

- Reference table of the PENTAGONAL vision of needs

- A small private Facebook community for exchanges between participants

- One-off carrying out of various tests and evaluations to monitor neuronal reflexes throughout the 4 months.

- Teaching parents and those accompanying the child (teacher or educator) of notions related to primitive reflexes and how to take care of their child from the point of view of his neuronal, emotional and cognitive development.

- Practical, useful and alternative literature on child development and for extending and maximizing neural stimulation through nature, meditation, breathing and healthy living hygiene, with special permission from sharing in the childcare environment or the child's classroom.

- Mailing of a diploma for the child at the end of the program accompanied by a report with all his progress

- Sending by post to all families of a summary of the improvements observed in and by the children in the group on the spheres of the body, heart, head and energy after participating in the intensive program for 4 months, question of seeing the real effectiveness of this unique strategy in the world.

- The opportunity for your child or class to take a giant step forward in their neuronal, emotional, bodily and cognitive development but also in their self-confidence.

- A chance to replace gentleness, pleasure and kindness at the heart of your family relationships or your class and to nourish the bonds that unite you and each other

- A receipt for taxes.

When is the program offered?

The first cohort starts in the fall of 2021. Places are limited. 

NOTE: The second cohort will start in the fall of 2022. To reserve your place (limited places) please contact us.


Regular price for all the services named above with private monthly consultations: $ 425 per month for 4 months.

(Value of $ 2955 at an expert consultant-teacher rate for 24 hours in private and in groups and all unique innovative material, so you get a discount of $ 1255).

Price to complete the program WITHOUT private consultations and without communications and the right to share information with the school or daycare, (but everything else): $ 195 per month, for 4 months.

Price for the monthly plan of 2 consultations only (one in person, one with the parents) without the addition of the teacher or educator: $ 150

Community support: a few annual places are reserved at reduced prices for vulnerable or single-parent families living with one or more children in difficulty. Price to be discussed depending on the situation. For more information, please contact me:  


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