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A unique millennial treatment for the skull, face, hair, neck and shoulders with an herbal oil to balance the central nervous system (CNS) of the child

Shiroabhyanga is a massage from Ayurveda, adored by children (and adults) and which directly addresses the central nervous system (CNS) responsible for states of stress, anxiety, tension, emotional difficulties, behavior, learning, motor control but also primitive reflexes. One of the reasons for this is that the techniques used during the treatment particularly focus on the path of certain cranial nerves (for example the trigeminal nerve)  which have their roots in the brain and which spread among others on the skull, face, neck and upper shoulders.  

The massage is carried out using hot organic oil, nourishing for the skin and infused with plants according to the needs and the constitution of the child. The technique is pleasant and enveloping, although vigorous at times. It is not a relaxing massage but a therapeutic treatment.

Benefits of this treatment:

- Brings balance to the central nervous system (CNS)

- Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for relaxation and relaxation

- Soothes the sympathetic nervous system, responsible for stress and tension responses

- Brings relaxation to the nervous and muscular system of the face, which also helps to promote the integration of the many facial reflexes

- Brings ease in the jaw and mouth (language, expression, chewing food)

- Reduces facial tics

- Allows you to release eye tension and promote learning to read

- Reduces headaches

- Allows to release muscular and nervous tensions of the neck, which favors the work of integration of the numerous reflexes of the neck

- Promotes deep and regenerative sleep

- Allows to circulate the energy of the chakras (energy wheels as described in Ayurveda) of the throat, third eye and crown, responsible for communication, self-expression, self-confidence, intuition, creativity, mindfulness, calm, introspection and connection to nature)

- Increases the presence inside oneself

- Increases clarity of mind and attention

- Deeply nourishes the skin, scalp and hair

- Leaves hair soft, hydrated and silky



The cost is $ 50 for 25-35 minutes of treatment. This includes:

- organic hot oil infused with medicinal plants (no essential oils) for the needs and constitution of the child (represented in Ayurveda by vata, pitta or kapha)

- an infusion of organic medicinal plants to bring in order to continue the treatment at home

Customer base:


This treatment is currently reserved for families using the Koala Approach services, and their children aged 4 and over.  

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