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Monthly off-piste guidance from Mother Nature

Monthly off-piste guidance de la Mère Nature are notebooks of a few pages in full color and anchored in the rhythm of the months and the seasons. They are created to inspire new educational practices that are in harmony with the real needs of children, others, the Earth and its inhabitants and even the Cosmos that shelters us, whether at home, in daycare or school.  

Designed for parents, educators and all those who accompany children up to about 12 years old, they contain inspirations to create the atmosphere, to understand the real needs of nature of children, ideas for outside activities. track that nourishes the brain and the whole being and reflections to transform  our approach to education as a grandiose ecosystem in permanent relationship with the fabric of cosmic life.

Each issue is a unique little compendium of lessons that you will not find anywhere else. This is what sets Mother Nature apart in its avant-garde approach: a precious blend of nature eco-education, sensitivity, mindfulness, neurosciences, deep ecology and a great deal of knowledge.  of experiences as a pioneer in eco-education.  


Information on files available for purchase:


- They are downloadable in order to reduce the ecological footprint, giving you an impression of  

   quality near you at a local print shop  

- They have variable prices depending on the number of pages

- They are published once a month to go around the year one month at a time

- To find out more about each issue, click on the image

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