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A monthly off-piste and magical guidance for the month of November,  illustrated in color of 18 pages, to inspire and guide your role with children  from 0 to 12 years old with Sensitive Eco-education. This new approach wishes to reconcile and re-enchant the links that unite us all in order to nurture a deep connection to the Earth and all its inhabitants and was created by the pioneer in eco-pedagogy and nature eco-education in Quebec and Canada. 


Topics for November: 


- Learn to love the dark

- Discover beeswax

- Make candles from soaked beeswax

- A lantern for lighting

- Organize a lantern walk

- Prepare for the cold season by taking care of the internal safety of the child

- Exterior fittings and negative carbon stove

- Rediscover wool

- Cold weather clothing for natural children


and more!

NOVEMBER: Monthly off-piste guidance for nature smugglers

  • The file is in printable quality and the purchase includes a link for download only.

    You cannot share the download link but you can refer Mother Nature to those who are interested!

    Thank you very much!

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